Kakampinks to Boycott Jollibee Over Announcement of Being Apolitical

Kakampinks to Boycott Jollibee Foods Corporation for Being Apolitical Presidential aspirant Leni Robredo supporters “Kakampinks” to boycott Jollibee Foods Corporation following the announcement of being apolitical. Netizens, particularly Robredo supporters, have expressed their displeasure with Jollibee Corp. after the firm opted not to endorse any candidate in the forthcoming election. The corporation supports a free … Read more

Kakampinks Launches Online App for Robredo’s Centralized Campaign

Online App Launched by Kakampinks for Leni Robredo’s Centralized Campaign Presidential aspirant Leni Robredo’s Supporter “Kakampinks” launched an online mobile app for Robredo’s centralized campaign. A group has established a social networking app for supporters of Vice President Leni Robredo in order to create a community for volunteers. This aims to organize the campaign and … Read more

Police Helping in “Oplan Baklas” vs Robredo to Face Charges – PNP

PNP to Punish Police Spotted Helping in “Oplan Baklas” with Robredo Supporters The Philippine National Police (PNP) will punish the police who was spotted helping the supporters if presidential aspirant Leni Robredo during “oplan baklas”. The PNP’s leadership has issued a warning to members who were reportedly assisting in the removal of candidate posters during … Read more