Car Business Ideas: 8 Ways To Make Money W/ Your Vehicle

Car Business Ideas 2

8 Methods of Earning Income Using Your Car CAR BUSINESS IDEAS – Here are eight (8) methods of earning money using your car. If you own a car, you’re aware that the convenience it provides comes with significant expenses. These include car insurance, monthly payments, regular maintenance, fuel, and repair costs, making car ownership a … Read more

Bela Padilla Airs Dismay to Grab Car: “Late! Smelled like cigarettes!”

Bela Padilla Slams Grab Car She Booked for Being Late and Bad Smell Actress Bela Padilla airs frustration against the “Grab Car” she booked for allegedly being late and bad smell. The actress apparently expressed her dissatisfaction with the automobile she booked using a famous ride-hailing app on Instagram. According to Bela’s Instagram account, the … Read more

Road Safety Group Suggests MC Passengers Use Disposable Headgears

Road Safety Group Suggest the Use of Disposable Headgears for Motorcycle Passengers ROAD SAFETY GROUP- A safety advocacy group has suggested the use of disposable headgears when riding to ensure safety amid pandemic. The Lawyers for Commuters Safety and Protection said those motorcycle passengers should wear disposable headgears to ensure safety of drivers and commuters … Read more

Ride-Hailing App Proposed Plastic Shield Between Rider & Passenger

Ride-Hailing App Proposed Plastic Shield Between Rider & Passenger as Protection The ride-hailing app ‘Angkas’ has proposed a plastic shield between the rider and the passenger as protection to allow back riding amid pandemic. As the physical distancing is strictly implemented due to the threat of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), back riding in motorcycles has been … Read more