Bela Padilla Airs Dismay to Grab Car: “Late! Smelled like cigarettes!”

Bela Padilla Slams Grab Car She Booked for Being Late and Bad Smell

Actress Bela Padilla airs frustration against the “Grab Car” she booked for allegedly being late and bad smell.

The actress apparently expressed her dissatisfaction with the automobile she booked using a famous ride-hailing app on Instagram. According to Bela’s Instagram account, the driver arrived 15 minutes late after she scheduled her taxi.

Bela Padilla Grab Car

According to actress, the driver even advised her to cancel her reservation because he couldn’t pick her up at the designated location. She also stated that she walked to the pick-up location. What irritated her, even more, was that it smelled like cigarettes inside, so she opened the window to let some fresh air in.

“Booked @grab_ph car today because I didn’t wanna park in the mall on a Sunday knowing it would be crazy. The driver was 15 minutes late. Kept calling me to cancel cause he didn’t want me to pick me up on the spot I pinned (Tim hortons estancia) and picked me up 200 meters away from the pick point,” she shared.

“Also his car smelled like cigarettes so I had to keep my window open,” she added. So Bela asked the netizens, “Anong kwentong grab niyo?”

Her Instagram story has gone popular on social media, eliciting a variety of emotions from her fans and other internet users. Meanwhile, Grab’s administration has yet to reply, react, or make a remark on the matter.

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