Security Guard Shoots Co-Workers For Having No “Ulam”

Security Guard

Security Guard Caught on Camera Shooting Co-Workers For Having No “Ulam” MAKATI CITY – A furious security guard shoots his fellow workers for having no ‘ulam’ prepared on the table. In the video, it can be seen that a security guard opened the tray placed on the table. The latter gets upset after he found … Read more

Zambales Town to Sell P20 Per Kilo Rice Starting Next Month

Zambales Town

Zambales Town Mayor Announces P20 Per Kilo Rice Will Be Available to Public Starting Next Month Zambales town announced that the LGU will sell P20 per kilogram rice for 17, 000 families within eight weeks starting next month. A few days ago, a Kakampink supporter identified as “Kakampink 101” has shared the video footage of … Read more

What Is The Scientific Name Of Rice? (ANSWERS)


What Is The Scientific Name Of Rice? (ANSWERS) SCIENTIFIC NAME OF RICE– In this topic, we are going to know and identify the binomial or scientific name of rice. Also known as Asian rice, it is a grass which is known for being easy to genetically modify and a model plant for cereal biology. The … Read more

Authorities Found Boxes of Liquors Inside Bulacan Rice Delivery Vehicle


Numerous Boxes of Liquors Found by Authorities Inside Bulacan Rice Delivery Vehicle During Apprehension The video footage of authorities who found numerous boxes of liquors inside the delivery vehicle of Bulacan rice goes viral online. The government and the authorities are strictly implementing the lockdown protocols throughout the Philippines to control the spread of COVID-19. … Read more

Generous Family Gives Rice, Eggs & Cassava to Poor Neighbors

Generous Family

Generous Family Earns Praises Online After Giving Rice, Eggs & Cassava to Less-Fortunate Neighbors A generous family giving rice, eggs, and cassava to their poor neighbors garnered praises from the online community. Nowadays, many Filipino people are showing kindness and generosity towards our less-fortunate countrymen whose jobs were affected by the implementation of enhanced community … Read more