Skusta Clee Engaged to Vivamax Artist Girlfriend Ava Mendez?

Skusta Clee and Viva Artist Girlfriend Ava Mendez is Now Allegedly Engaged SKUSTA CLEE – The famous Filipino rapper and his Viva artists girlfriend Ava Mendez is now allegedly engaged. The controversial rapper has gone viral on social media once more after a video of him and his girlfriend Ava Mendez celebrating went viral. According … Read more

Arrested Haring Manggi “Chill” Photo Inside Prison Goes Viral

Haring Manggi Goes Viral Over “Chill” Photo Inside Prison After Arrested Goes Viral Chill photo of vlogger-rapper Haring Manggi Miguelito Malakas inside prison after being arrested for selling illegal drugs goes viral. The arrest of the Filipino rapper for involvement in illegal drug use causes him to become divisive online. According to the earlier report, … Read more

Vlogger-Rapper Haring Manggi Arrested for Selling Illegal Drugs

Haring Manggi Illegal Drugs

Vlogger Rapper Haring Manggi Jailed for Allegedly Selling Illegal Drugs Police authorities arrested the vlogger and rapper Haring Manggi Miguelito Malakas for allegedly selling illegal drugs. Daniel Naguit, a rapper and vlogger, is currently imprisoned after being apprehended by law enforcement on suspicion of dealing drugs. The vlogger is one of Pasay City’s Most Wanted, … Read more

Michael Pacquiao to Stop Boxing After Debut Win: “Last na”

Michael Pacquiao Boxing

Michael Pacquiao Will Not Pursue Boxing After Winning Debut Match MICHAEL PACQUIAO – The son of boxing legend Manny Pacquiao said that he will not pursue his father’s sports. After his first amateur bout against Nathaniel Ruiz, Michael Pacquiao reportedly has no plans to engage in boxing again, according to an interview with sports reporter … Read more

Andrew E Says He Will Never Become “Laos”, Here’s Why

Andrew E talked about his showbiz career Rapper Andrew E said that the term “laos” or has-been will never apply to him and here is the reason behind his statement. Andrew started his career in the entertainment industry more than three decades ago. Over the years, he has done many movies and albums that skyrocketed … Read more

Video: Rapper Skusta Clee Scoffing Unpopular Rappers Elicit Reactions

Video of Rapper Skusta Clee Scoffing Unpopular Rappers Elicited Reactions Online Video footage of famous rapper Skusta Clee elicited reactions and comments from netizens in the online community after scoffing and belittle rappers not yet popular. Daryl Borja Ruiz also known as Skusta Clee is a famous local rapper and artist in the Philippines. He … Read more