Jessi to Filipino Fans: “Stop teaching me bad words that mean I Love You”

Jessi Allegedly Taught by Filipino Fans Bad Words Thinking it Means I Love You

South Korean-American rapper Jessi was allegedly taught by Filipino fans some bad words and said that it means “I Love You”.

Jessi recently performed at a festival in Manila on December 9, 2022. The singer-rapper, on the other hand, took to her social media account and shared a friendly reminder to Filipino fans.

Jessi Filipino Bad Words

In her post, Jessi thanked 88 Rising for having her in the concert. However, her social media post of Jessi has become controversial as she allegedly taught with some Filipino words, which she thought were “I Love You” in English.

“Thank you for having me @88rising ❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻 LOVE YOU MANILA!! ❤️ but ya’ll need to stop setting me up and teaching me bad words and telling me it means ‘I love you’ 😩😩 til we meet again… said Jessi.

Jessi previously had a concert here in the Philippines where the director was Kapamilya actor/director John Prats. Prats expressed his gratitude for having the opportunity to direct both her first solo concert and his first K-Pop performance.

“Did you know this was @jessicah_o’s first solo concert? What a privilege it was to be her first concert director, and it was my first time directing a K-pop concert. I’ll never forget this!” according to the director’s caption in his Instagram post.

In this solo concert, Jessi herself said that if she were to retire from showbiz, she would live in the Philippines. “I swear, if I ever retire, I would move to the Philippines”. However, Filipino netizens advised him to consider carefully about what she said.

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