Jessy Mendiola Reveals Why She’s Thankful To Her In-Laws

jessy mendiola in laws

Jessy Mendiola talked about how she and Luis Manzano deal with their schedule as parents Actress Jessy Mendiola, the wife of actor-host Luis Manzano, reveals the reason why she is thankful to her in-laws. Jessy and Luis are very hands-on parents to their six-month-old bundle of joy named Rosy. The couple, as well as their … Read more

Vilma Santos’ Statement on Finances w/ Husband Ralph Recto Draws Laughter from Audience

Vilma Santos, Ralph Recto

Vilma Santos Speaks on Finances w/ Husband Deputy Speaker Ralph Recto VILMA SANTOS – The statement of the actress-politician on her finances with her husband, House of Representatives Deputy Speaker Ralph Recto, drew laughter from the audience. One of the veteran actresses in the Philippine showbiz industry is actress Vilma Santos, the country’s Star for … Read more

Vilma Santos Compares Love For Ralph Recto and Edu Manzano

Vilma Santos

Ralph Recto and Edu Manzano are the present and past of Vilma Santos and here’s what she said about them. VILMA SANTOS – Luis Manzano asks mother Vilma Santos comparing her love between Ralph Recto (present) and Edu Manzano (past). Edu Manzano and Vilma Santos have proven to many people that co-parenting works. After their … Read more

Isko Moreno Presidential Candidacy: Ralph Recto, Vilma Santos Support

isko moreno ralph recto vilma santos

Isko Moreno receives support from Ralph Recto and Vilma Santos Senate President Pro-Tempore Ralph Recto and his wife House Deputy Speaker Vilma-Santos Recto expressed their support for the presidential candidacy of Manila Mayor Isko Moreno. On Wednesday, September 22, the Mayor who is fondly called Yorme, announced that he will be running for President in … Read more