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Man Goes Viral After Pouring Powdered Milk on ‘Dinuguan’: “Kala ko champorado”


Man Mistook Bowl of ‘Dinuguan’ for Champorado A funny man goes viral and earns reactions online after pouring powdered milk on ‘dinuguan‘: “Kala ko champorado”. Pork blood stew or locally known as “Dinuguan” is a delicious stew that frequently includes meat and other pork offal such as intestines, ears, snout, and kidneys simmered in a … Read more

Teenage Girl Sells ‘Balut’ to Feed Her Mom & Young Siblings

Teenage Girl

Photo of Teenage Girl Selling ‘Balut’ to Support Family Circulates Online The tear-jerking photo of a teenage girl selling ‘balut’ late at night just to feed her pregnant mom and younger siblings. A Facebook user named Lief Reyes has shared the photo of a 16-year-old lady selling ‘Balut’ to earn money to support the financial … Read more