Poor Man Decides to Sell Motorcycle After Previous Typhoons Destroy His Farm

Poor Man

Poor Man Sells Beloved Motorcycle After Previous Typhoons Destroy His Farm A poor man has decided to sell his motorcycle after previous typhoons allegedly destroyed his farm leaving him with nothing to start with. A few weeks ago, Typhoon Paeng and other tropical storms caused slight to severe devastation in numerous areas in the country. … Read more

Poor Electrician Seeks Help After Foreman Allegedly Abandoned Him

Poor Electrician

Poor Electrician Seeks Help From Kind-Hearted Netizens After Foreman Allegedly Abandoned Him & Took His Belongings A poor electrician is seeking help from the public after his foreman allegedly abandoned him and even brought his belongings. The Facebook page “Pilipinas Trending” has shared the photos of a poor electrician identified as Tatay Justine who has … Read more

Male Netizen Seeks Help to Prolong His Father-in-Law’s Life

Male Netizen

Male Netizen Seeks Help For His Father-in-Law Suffering from Heart Failure & Body Infection A male netizen is seeking help and knocking at the hearts of kind-hearted individuals to prolong the life of his father-in-law. A Facebook user named Jordan Dolera Tanagon has shared the heartbreaking photos of his father-in-law’s health condition. The post immediately … Read more

Lady Netizen Encourages the Public to Help Poor Signpen Vendor

Lady Netizen

Poor Signpen Vendor Circulate Online After Posted by Lady Netizen A lady netizen is encouraging the public to help a poor signpen vendor selling pens around downtown area in Bacolod City. Over the past few months, a lot of Filipino people are already struggling financially due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The virus … Read more