Pig Owner Airs Dismay After Hog Gives Birth to Only 1 Piglet

Pig Owner

Pig Owner Expresses Disappointment After Hog Gives Birth to Only 1 Piglet Bantay, Ilocos Sur – A pig owner has expressed her disappointment after her hog gives birth to only one piglet. Pigs or often known as swine, hog, or domestic pig is an omnivorous, domesticated, even-toed, hoofed mammals. It is usually used as livestock … Read more

Cebu Resident Gets Shocked When he Found His Pig Dead w/ Missing Intestines

Cebu Resident

Cebu Resident Expresses Concern as He Found His Pig Dead w/ Missing Intestines & Piglets Alegria town, Cebu – A Cebu resident gets shocked when he found his pregnant pig dead with missing intestines and piglets. Nowadays, many people do not believe in paranormal events and supernatural creatures due to the modern technology and current generation. A … Read more

Cebu Forbids Export of Live Hogs, Sows Outside Province for 6 Months

Cebu Forbids Export Live Hogs, Sows for 6 Months Due to ASF Threat The provincial government of Cebu forbids the export of live hogs and sows from the outside of the province due to the threat of African Swine Fever (ASF). Governor Gwendolyn Garcia issued an executive order on January 29, 2021, that mandates the … Read more

VIDEO: Theme Park Forces Pig To Bungee Jump To Attract Visitors

Theme Park Pig bungee jump 3

Video Shows Theme Park Forcing Live Pig To Bungee Jump THEME PARK – Chinese theme park launched a live pig off a 230ft high bungee jump to open its new attraction and attract visitors. Lots of animal cruelty cases reported every day. Sadly, most cases are never reported. Animals that are most often reported are … Read more

Asia: Millions Of Small Pig Farmers Threatened By Swine Fever Outbreak

Asia African Swine fever 3

Millions Of Small-Scale Pig Farmers in Asia Threatened By African Swine Fever Outbreak ASIA – Millions of small pig farmers in Asia are threatened by the African swine fever outbreak. On May, the Food and Drug Association (FDA) recalled the canned meat products from countries that are affected by African swine fever. A huge number … Read more