Oil Companies Set to Impose Mixed Pump Price Changes

Oil Companies

OIL PRICE UPDATE – Several oil companies are set to impose mixed pump price changes starting next week. DOE-Oil Industry Management Bureau Assistant Director Rodela Romero announced that gasoline prices may go up while diesel and kerosene prices may drop. Gas stations usually announce price adjustments every Monday and implement them the following day.

DOE Eyes Mixed Oil Price Adjustment Next Week

Oil Price Adjustment

Oil Price Adjustment Expected Next Week, DOE Says The Department of Energy is expecting a mixed oil price adjustment next week with gas prices up, and diesel and kerosene prices down. Oil is an essential input in many industries and transportation sectors. When oil prices rise, the cost of production increases for businesses, which can … Read more

Oil Firms to Impose Diesel & Kerosene Price Hike, Gasoline Prices Remains Unchanged

Oil Firms

Oil Firms to Implement Mixed Fuel Price Adjustments for Tuesday (November 27, 2023) FUEL PRICE UPDATE – Various oil firms are set to impose price hikes for diesel and kerosene while gasoline prices will remain unchanged. Petroleum product prices have had a significant effect on the country’s economy in recent months. Pump price adjustments typically … Read more

Gasoline & Kerosene Price Set to Increase, Diesel Prices to Rollback Next Week

Kerosene Price

Gasoline stations across the country have released the latest oil price update for August 22, 2023 (Tuesday). Oil companies are expecting another increase in gasoline and kerosene prices. Meanwhile, diesel prices are projected to remain unchanged or experience a slight rollback. This information comes from an official within the oil industry. It’s important to note … Read more

Oil Firms to Implement Pump Price Rollback on Tuesday (May 9)

Oil Firms

Pump Prices Drop Over P2/Liter Tuesday, Oil Firms Say On Monday (May 8, 2023), oil firms have announced a significant decrease in pump prices for the third consecutive week. Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corp. and Seaoil Philippines Corp. will reduce prices per liter of gasoline by P2.20, diesel by P2.70, and kerosene by P2.55. Petro Gazz … Read more

Gas Stations Expect Another Fuel Price Rollback Next Week

Gas Stations

Gas Stations Eye Another Rounds of Fuel Price Rollback on Tuesday (March 28, 2023) OIL PRICE ADJUSTMENT – Several gas stations in the country were expecting a fuel price rollback on Tuesday (March 28, 2023) next week. According to recent reports, the value of petroleum products are expected to continue to decrease due to the … Read more

Oil Companies Expected to Impose Pump Price Rollback Next Week

Oil Companies

Oil Companies Announces Pump Price Rollback on Tuesday (March 21, 2023) Several oil companies are expected to impose a pump price rollback next week after a few weeks of increases. On Saturday (March 18, 2023), a fuel company stated that that the prices of fuel products including gasoline, diesel and kerosene will roll back in … Read more