Monkeypox Outbreak in US may be Peaking, Health Official Says

United States Monkeypox Outbreak Continued to Rise Monkeypox outbreak globally decreased 21% but earlier on Thursday the World Health Organization stated that US cases were still on the rise. According to trends observed in Europe, monkeypox cases in certain major US cities appear to be diminishing. Experts are cautiously optimistic that the outbreak may have … Read more

Monkeypox Philippines: DOH Announces Detection Of 4th Case

Monkeypox Philippines

In an update about the monkeypox Philippines, the DOH confirms 4th case detected. MONKEYPOX PHILIPPINES – The Department of Health (DOH) reported the confirmation of the 4th case of monkeypox in the Philippines. Last July 2022, the first monkeypox in the Philippines has been detected based on a previous article. The infected patient was a 31-year-old … Read more

New Monkeypox Case in Philippines

New Monkeypox Case in Philippines

DOH Announce 2 More New Monkeypox Case in Philippines New monkeypox case reported in the Philippines on Friday, increasing the country’s total number of confirmed cases to three. The two new cases, a 34-year-old and a 29-year-old, both had recent travel history to a nation with confirmed virus infections, according to the Department of Health. … Read more

Less Stigmatizing name for Monkey pox

Less Stigmatizing name

WHO Ask Public to Change Less Stigmatizing Name for Monkey pox Less stigmatizing name for the new virus as WHO invited public to find a new label for Monkey pox for this can be condemning for some monkeys and African continent. The public has been enlisted to help the World Health Organization come up with … Read more

Monkeypox Virus Disease Outbreak – WHO Announces Global Health Emergency

Monkeypox Virus Disease Outbreak

MONKEYPOX VIRUS DISEASE OUTBREAK – The World Health Organization (WHO) announced that there is a global health emergency due to monkeypox. Amid the growing cases of monkeypox in different countries including nations where the disease is not endemic, the WHO declared a global health emergency. It set the release of guidelines on the management and … Read more

World Health Declares Monkeypox Global Health Emergency

World Health Organization

World Health Issues Guidelines as Monkeypox Becomes Global Health Emergency WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION – The WHO declared monkeypox a global health emergency amid the increasing cases in some countries. More than two (2) years ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic. There was a rapid spread of the virus among countries and … Read more

World Health Speaks on Possibility of Monkeypox to cause Pandemic

World Health Rosamund Lewis

World Health Speaks on Monkeypox amid its Growing Cases WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION – WHO spoke on the possibility that monkeypox will cause another global pandemic. Several countries greatly suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic. The said disease cost a lot of lives across the globe, pulled the economy of several nations down, closed businesses, and urged … Read more

World Health Says Monkeypox Cases May Increase

World Health Organization's Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove

World Health Organization Speaks on Possible Rise of Monkeypox Cases World Health Organization (WHO) warned countries across the globe that monkeypox cases have a chance of increasing. Several countries across the globe have yet to fully recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. The coronavirus disease cost millions of lives globally, pulled the economies of several nations … Read more