Megan Young Pregnant? Actress Reveals Truth

Megan Young Pregnant

Is Megan Young pregnant? The Kapuso beauty-queen actress has this clarification about the speculations online. The speculation about her pregnancy started with a video they shared online when they were in Boracay and amid the talks and swirling rumors, this is what she said.

Megan Young Speaks Amid Pregnancy Rumors

Megan Young

This is what Megan Young amid the swirling rumors. Kapuso beauty queen-actress Megan Young has this to say over the pregnancy rumors circulating about her online. “Bonez” and “Fofo” or also known as Megan Young and Mikael Daez have been married for quite some time now. They’ve had a double wedding in 2020 and more … Read more

Megan Young Pregnant? Netizens Speculate Due To This Video

Megan Young

People online has these comments over this video of Megan Young and Mikael Daez. Is Megan Young finally pregnant? Netizens speculated about the beauty queen’s first pregnancy and here are the comments. Beauty queen-actress Megan Young and Mikael Daez, known as “Bonez” and “Fofo”, have been together for such a long time already. Megan and … Read more

Megan Young and Botswana Issue: Here’s A Statement

Megan Young and Botswana

The issue of Megan Young and Botswana candidate of Miss World 2024 was controversial and the latter has this statement. With the backlash that the host has received after fixing the hair of the candidate on stage, Miss Botswana Lesego Chombo has this appeal to the people.

Megan Young Issue: Miss Botswana Speaks Up

Megan Young

Lesego Chombo, Miss Botswana, appeals to the public after Megan Young received backlash. Miss World 2024 host Megan Young did a gesture that seemed to make a distraction and Miss Botswana Lesego Chombo has this statement. Former Miss World Megan Young did a gesture that took the internet by storm. A lot of pageant fans … Read more

Megan Young Releases Statement After Issue w/ Miss Botswana

Megan Young clarified what she did during the Miss World coronation Miss World 2013 Megan Young released a statement after the bashing she received from the supporters of Miss Botswana Lesego Chombo. The Kapuso star returned to the international pageant as one of the main hosts. Megan has hosted the pageant several times already. Despite … Read more

Gwendolyne Fourniol: PH Bet In Miss World Pageant Makes Early Exit

Gwendolyne Fourniol 2

Philippine Representative in the Miss World pageant, Gwendolyne Fourniol Makes an Early Exit GWENDOLYNE FOURNIOL – The Philippine representative Gwendolyne Fourniol exits Miss World competition prematurely. Philippine representative Gwendolyne Fourniol experienced an early elimination from the Miss World pageant as she did not secure a spot in the Top 40 during the coronation night held … Read more

Megan Young Bashed For Doing This To Miss World Botswana

Fans of Miss Botswana did not like what Megan Young did Miss World 2013 Megan Young was bashed by the fans of Miss World-Botswana Lesego Chombo because of what she did during the pageant. Megan is the only beauty queen from the Philippines who won this beauty pageant title. Despite her reign having long ended, … Read more

Megan Young Reacts To “Best Miss World” Tag

megan young

Megan Young is still being remembered as one of the best beauty queens Kapuso actress Megan Young was asked to react to the “Best Miss World” tag being given to her by pageant fans. Megan was one of the stars who came from a talent search. From being part of the Kapuso talent search Starstruck, … Read more