King Charles III Of UK Diagnosed W/ Cancer: Buckingham Palace Announces

King Charles III 3

King Charles III Undergoes Cancer Treatment, Announces Buckingham Palace KING CHARLES III – Buckingham Palace announced that King Charles III, aged 75, has received a cancer diagnosis and will be refraining from public appearances following medical advice to reduce face-to-face interactions. Buckingham Palace announced on Monday that King Charles III has been diagnosed with cancer … Read more

King Charles III Has Message For Filipinos After Coronation

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Here’s King Charles III’s Message To Filipinos After Coronation KING CHARLES III – Britain’s King Charles III delivered a message to Filipinos after the coronation. The people in the United Kingdom once again saw the crowning of British royalty after many years. King Charles III was recently crowned as the new monarch of the United … Read more

Prince Harry Will Be Present At King Charles III Coronation

Prince Harry, King Charles III

Prince Harry Attending King Charles III Coronation PRINCE HARRY – Britain’s Prince Harry will not bring his wife Meghan to his father King Charles’ coronation next month. King Charles III, the eldest son of the late Queen Elizabeth II who passed away on September 8 at her summer home in Scotland, is now the ruler … Read more

Bongbong Marcos To Attend Coronation Of King Charles III In London

Bongbong Marcos Jr, King Charles III

Bongbong Marcos Will Attend King Charles III’s Coronation In May BONGBONG MARCOS – Philippine Presidenst Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. will attend the coronation of King Charles III in London. The late Queen Elizabeth II’s eldest son, King Charles III now reigns as the monarch of the United Kingdom. Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September … Read more