North Koreans Heartbroken At Kim Jong Un’s Noticable Weight Loss

State Media Says North Koreans Heartbroken At Leader’s Weight Loss NORTH KOREANS HEARTBROKEN – According to North Korea’s state media, every single resident of the country was left heartbroken due to Kim Jong Un’s noticeable weight loss. This rare public comment regarding the North Korean leader’s health follows foreign analysts citing that he’d lost weight. … Read more

Kim Jong-Un In Coma Claims Ex South Korean Presidential Aid

Kim Jong-Un Reportedly In Coma According To Former Presidential Aid KIM JONG-UN IN COMA – North Korea’s Supreme Leader is reportedly under a coma according to a former aid to the late South Korea President, Kim Dae-Jung. Based on an article from Inquirer, Chang Song-min, Dae-Jung’s political affairs secretary asserted that the Kim Jong Un … Read more

Kim Jong Un Gives Power To Sister, Kim Yo Jong – Intelligence

Kim Jong Un Transfers Some Power To Kim Yo Jong – South Korean Intelligence KIM JONG UN – North Korea’s Supreme leader reportedly gave his sister the power to oversee “general state affairs” according to South Korean intelligence. Due to this, South Korea’s National Intelligence Services reported that the transfer of authority further boosts the … Read more

Kim Yo Jong Memes Flood Online Amid Kim Jong Un’s Health Issue

kim yo jong kim jong un

Netizens create these Kim Yo Jong memes Memes about Kim Yo Jong, the sister of North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, flooded online amid the latter’s health issue. Reports about the failing health condition of the dictator circulated these past few days. Rumors also surfaced that he already passed away. However, several conflicting stories … Read more

North Korean General Allegedly Thrown Into Fish Tank With Piranhas

This North Korean General Was Reportedly Executed By Being Thrown Into A Fish Tanks With Piranhas NORTH KOREAN – The North Korean leader allegedy threw one for his generals into a fish tank filled with piranhas for suspected coup plans. The East Asian country’s leader Kim Jong Un has made numerous appearances in several news … Read more

Trump Claims He Received A ‘Beautiful Letter’ From Kim Jong Un

US President Donald Trump Said He Received A Letter From The North Korean Leader TRUMP – The United States President Donald Trump reveals he had just received a letter from the North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un. Despite of their conflicts and threatening tensions in the past, the two nations have been participating in conversations … Read more

LIVE: Historic Handshake Between N.Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un & Donald Trump

Historic Handshake

Historic Handshake Between N.Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un & Donald Trump Watch the historic handshake between North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un and 45th US President Donald Trump. US President Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un will meet for the very first time in a historic summit. The two nation leaders would possibly discuss the denuclearization … Read more

Kim Jong-Un, Moon Jae-in Met On Historic Korean Summit

Kim Jong-Un

Kim Jong-Un, Moon Jae-in Met On Historic Korean Summit The North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in have met on the historic summit of Korea. On Friday (April 27, 2018), the North and South Korean leaders have set off towards the Demilitarized Zone dividing their countries for a historic summit. The … Read more