Darryl Yap is Proud of Juliana Segovia for His Love for His Mother

Darryl Yap Lauds Juliana Parizcova Segovia for Working Hard for His Mother Controversial director Darryl Yap lauded comedian Juliana Parizcova Segovia for working hard for his loving mother. Darryl Yap wrote an appreciation post on Facebook for “Its Showtime’s Ms. Q and A 2018” grand winner Juliana Parizcova Segovia. The director is pleased with the … Read more

Juliana Segovia Gets “Outstanding Comedian” Award; Netizens Reacts

Juliana Segovia Criticized by Netizens After Receiving “Outstanding Comedian” Award Comedian Juliana Parizcova Segovia was criticized by netizens after he received an “outstanding comedian of the year” award. Juliana Segovia was the first grand winner of the ‘It’s Showtime’ Miss Q&A beauty pageant in 2018. Following his victory, he could be seen on television frequently, … Read more

Juliana Parizcova Segovia Wants to Sell Miss Q&A Crowns for P1-M

Juliana Parizcova Segovia Fails to Sell His Miss Q&A Crowns for P1-M Former Miss Q&A beauty queen Juliana Parizcova Segovia wants to sell his crowns for P1-M but gets a cheaper price offer. Juliana Parizcova Segovia, a comedian, attempted to sell the crowns he won from Its Showtime’s Miss Q&A beauty pageant. Juliana is the … Read more

Juliana Segovia on Darryl Yap Rivals: “Sumabay na, gumaya pa”

Juliana Segovia Reacts on Darryl Yap “Pasaring” to Rival Films Comedian and beauty queen Juliana Parizcova Segovia reacts on director Darryl Yap “pasaring” to rival films. The ‘It’s Showtime’ Miss Q&A 2018 grand prize winner responded to the controversial director’s statement on his social media account. Yap wrote a post following the publication of Atty’s … Read more

Juliana Segovia to Bashers: “Sorry kung ako lang kumikita kayo hindi. Sakit?”

Juliana Segovia Teases Bashers with His Earnings While Being Criticized Comedian Juliana Parizcova Segovia teases his bashers with his earnings while he was being criticized on social media. Juliana Parizcova Segovia, the Season 1 Grand Winner of “Miss Q&A,” recently went to his social media account and thanked her haters who continue to criticize him … Read more

Vince Tañada Files Cyber Libel Case Against Juliana Segovia

Vince Tañada Formally Files Cyber Libel Case vs Juliana Parizcova Segovia Director Atty Vince Tañada formally files a cyber libel charge against the comedian Juliana Parizcova Segovia. The filmmaker of the film “Katips,” Atty. Vince Tañada said that he has filed a lawsuit against comedian Juliana Parizcova Segovia for cyber libel. A report claims that … Read more

Juliana Parizcova Segovia Reacts To ‘Utang” Issue

juliana parizcova segovia

A new intriguing post against Juliana Parizcova Segovia It’s Showtime’s Miss Q & A winner Juliana Parizcova Segovia reacted to the issue about her debt that was brought up by a netizen. Juliana is one of the stars of the Len-len series that the Vincentiments team of director-writer Darryl Yap created. Because of this, Juliana … Read more

Vice Ganda ‘Dedma’ Issue: Juliana Parizcova Makes Clarification

vice ganda juliana parizcova segovia

Is it true that there was “dedmahan” between Vice Ganda and Juliana Parizcova? Miss Q & A winner Juliana Parizcova Segovia made clarifications about the allegation that It’s Showtime host Vice Ganda ignored her during a recent event. This issue surfaced when a netizen posted on Facebook claiming that the “unkabogable comedian” did not greet … Read more