Jeepney Passengers Slam Woman Breastfeeding Her Baby (Video)

Jeepney Passengers

Video of Jeepney Passengers Criticizing Woman Breastfeeding Her Baby Inside Public Vehicle Goes Viral The video footage of several jeepney passengers lambasting a woman who breastfeeds her baby inside of public vehicle goes viral online. Breastfeeding is a method of feeding babies or young children through the milk coming out from a mother’s breast. Newly-born … Read more

Man Robbed Jeepney Passengers for Medical Needs of His Sick Child

Man Forced to Robbed Passengers of Jeepney Allegedly for Sick Child Police authorities arrested a man who robbed some passengers of a jeepney allegedly due to the medical needs of his sick child. Mark Anthony Yburan, a guy in his 30s, told GMA News that he had to rob jeepney passengers to buy medicine for … Read more