Moreno Makes Surprise Inspection In Manila, Violator Caught In The Act

Isko Moreno inspection

Mayor Isko Moreno Conducts Surprise Inspection In Manila, Road Violator Caught In The Act ISKO MORENO – Mayor Isko Moreno conducted a surprise inspection in the highway roads of Metro Manila. Francisco Moreno Domagoso or better known as Isko Moreno is one of the famous actors in the 90’s. The 44-year-old celebrity left the show … Read more

Manila Mayor Says He Is Being Bribed To Cease Operation VS Vendors

Mayor Isko Moreno Reveals Alleged Bribery MANILA MAYOR – The newly-elected mayor revealed that he is being offered huge amounts of money to stop him from clearing the roads of vendors. The massive crowds of customers and vending stalls usually become hinderances and are obstructive for most roads not only in Manila but also other … Read more

Isko Moreno & Erap Estrada ‘Nag-iiwasan’? Both Denied Meeting Cancellation

Isko Moreno and Erap Estrada appeared to be “nag-iiwasan” Incoming Manila Mayor Isko Moreno and outgoing Mayor Erap Estrada appeared to be “nag-iiwasan” but both camps denied that the cancellation of their meeting. Isko and Erap, though they both came from the showbiz industry became rivals last 2019 mid-term elections. The younger politician said in … Read more

Isko Moreno Reveals Reason Over Plan To Stop Towing In Manila

Isko Moreno

Reason Why Manila Mayor-elect Isko Moreno Will Stop Towing in the City Revealed ISKO MORENO – Manila Mayor-elect Francisco Domagoso revealed the reason why he plans to stop the towing of vehicles in his city. In the recent Election 2019, one of the names that loudly crossed the surface is that of actor-turned-politician Isko Moreno. … Read more

Isko Moreno Promised To Clean Up Manila After Winning As Mayor

The Former Scavenger Promised To Clean Up Manila In His Term As Mayor ISKO MORENO – The former ‘basurero’ or ‘garbage man’ of Tondo is now the elected Mayor of Manila City after winning the 2019 elections on Monday. Francisco Moreno Domagoso or Isko Moreno was also the former Vice Mayor of Manila. Last year, … Read more

Liberal Party’s Possible Senatorial Slate in the 2016 National Elections

The administration party of the Philippines, the Liberal Party are already considering some names to be part of the Senatorial slate in the coming 2016 national elections. The chairman of the LP Committee on electoral and Political Affars, Caloocan Rep. Edgar Erice stated hat names are only being considered but not yet final. Rep. Erice … Read more

Isko Moreno’s Statement on Rumored Affair with Jackie Ejercito-Lopez

Actor-turned-politician Isko Moreno issued a statement to deny his rumored affair with Jackie Ejercito-Lopez, the daughter of Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada. Isko Moreno is currently being tagged as the third-party on the reported separation of Jackie Ejercito-Lopez with her husband Manuel “Beaver” Lopez. In an exclusive interview with the Philippine Entertainment Portal, the 43-year-old incumbent … Read more

Estrada & Moreno Proclaimed as Winners in Manila (Video)

Former President of the Republic of the Philippines, actor-politician Joseph Estrada was declared as the winner in the hotly-contested Manila Mayoral race, edging out re-electionist and rival Mayor Alfredo Lim. Erap Estrada vowed to improve the lives of the poor and the image of the City of Manila, which he claims has fallen behind other … Read more