Mariel Padilla Reveals She Did Not Prepare Anything For Noche Buena

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Mariel Padilla Says She Did Not Prepare Anything For This Year’s Noche Buena MARIEL PADILLA – TV host and vlogger Mariel Padilla said they had “no handa” for this year’s noche buena. Host and vlogger Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla is the wife of Senator Robin Padilla. They have two daughters, Isabella Padilla and Gabriella Padilla. Mariel has … Read more

VIDEO: BB Gandanghari Bonds W/ Robin Padilla’s Kids

BB Gandanghari, Robin Padilla, Isabella Padilla, Gabriela Padilla

Here’s Video of BB Gandanghari Bonding W/ Nieces Isabella & Gabriela BB GANDANGHARI – Transgender model and actress BB Gandanghari hung out with her nieces and had fun with them. Filipina actress, model, entertainer, and vlogger BB Gandanghari is the brother of Senator Robinhood Ferdinand Cariño Padilla, known professionally as Robin Padilla, and the younger … Read more

Mariel Padilla Reveals Robin Padilla’s Request For His 53rd Birthday

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Robin Padilla Turns 53, Mariel Padilla Reveals Husband’s Birthday Wish MARIEL PADILLA – Host Mariel Padilla caught the attention of netizens after revealing the birthday request of her husband Robin Padilla. Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla is the wife of actor-turned-senator Robin Padilla. They are blessed with two kids Isabella and Gabriella. After taking a break from the … Read more

Mariel Padilla Shares Photo Of Her Handsome Dad

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Netizens Amazed At How Youthful-Looking Mariel Padilla’s Dad Is MARIEL PADILLA – Lots of netizens said Mariel Padilla’s dad looks young while others noted her father’s resemblance to her second child, Gabriella. Mariel Padilla is a well-known actress and tv host in the Philippines. She became even more successful after launching her own YouTube channel. … Read more

Robin Padilla Hilarious Conversation W/ Daughter Isabella

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Mariel Padilla Shares Hilarious Conversation Between Robin Padilla & Isabella Padilla ROBIN PADILLA – Tv host Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla shared the hilarious conversation between Robin Padilla and daughter Isabella Padilla. Robinhood Ferdinand Cariño Padilla better known as Robin Padilla is a famous actor and endorser in the Philippines. He is married to actress-host Mariel Padilla. The … Read more

Mariel Padilla Receives “Huge” Gift From Robin Padilla

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Kapamilya host Mariel Padilla shared the huge gift her husband has gotten for her. MARIEL PADILLA – Famous host and a mother of two girls Mariel Padilla has shared a huge gift she received from her husband Robin Padilla. For 10 years, married couple Mariel and Robin Padilla have shared numerous blissful moments together and … Read more

Robin, Mariel Padilla Daughter Doing Stunts Amazes Netizens

The daughter of Robin and Mariel Padilla is already doing stunts Celebrity baby Maria Isabella Padilla, the daughter of Robin and Mariel Padilla was seen doing these stunts, and this amazes netizens. Mariel gave birth to first baby with Robin in November of 2016 and last year to their second daughter named Maria Gabriela. As … Read more

Mariel Padilla Reveals Robin Has Been In The Hospital For 18 Days

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Mariel Padilla’s First Visit To Robin Padilla in Hospital MARIEL PADILLA – It’s Showtime host Mariel Padilla revealed her husband Robin Padilla has been in the hospital for 18 days. Filipino actor and producer Robin Padilla is known as the “Bad Boy” of the Philippine cinema. He tied the knot with Kapamilya host Mariel Rodriguez … Read more