Lady Passenger Wearing helmet w/ Unremoved Sticker Goes Viral

Lady Passenger

Lady Passenger Goes Viral for Wearing Helmet w/ Unremoved Sticker A lady passenger, wearing a crash helmet with an unremoved sticker, has gone viral, eliciting reactions from netizens Helmets have long been an essential safety accessory, serving as a protective shield for our most valuable asset – our brain. Whether on the battlefield, construction sites, … Read more

Male Commuter Forgets to Return Joyride Rider’s Helmet

Male Commuter

Male Commuter Brings Good Vibes Online After he Forgets to Return Joyride Rider’s Helmet A male commuter brings laughter and good vibes online after he forgets to return the helmet of a Joyride Rider. Ride-hailing services have revolutionized the way we travel. Instead of waiting on street corners for taxis or relying on public transportation, … Read more

Cops Put Helmet on Kimberly Achas’ Partner After Smashing Head

Kimberly Achas’ Partner Forced to Wear Helmet for Allegedly Smashing His Head Police authorities put a helmet on Kimberly Achas’ live-in partner after allegedly smashing his head inside the jail. Elson Erap Jamisula, 27, was arrested after he battered and stabbed his live-in lover Kemberly Achas, 22, a third-year college student, to death. According to … Read more

Male Netizen to Angkas Rider w/ ‘Elesi’ on Helmet “baka biglang lumipad”

Male Netizen

Male Netizen Shares Photos of Angkas Rider w/ ‘Elesi’ on Helmet A male netizen brings laughter online after posting the photos of Angkas rider with an ‘elesi’ attached on its helmet. Motorcycle taxis have been a popular mode of transportation in many countries, particularly in Southeast Asia. In some areas, motorcycle taxis are even considered … Read more

Zamboanga City to Ban Wearing of Helmets Over Shooting Incidents

Zamboanga City Government Eyes to Ban Wearing of Helmets to Deter Crimes Zamboanga city government eyes to ban the wearing of helmets to prevent crimes including the occurrence of shooting incidents. Mayor John Dalipe has requested that the Director of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), Ginagene Vao-Uy, investigate whether any LGU in the country … Read more

Motorcycle Rider Airs Dismay After Unidentified Man Stole his Helmet at Parking Lot

Motorcycle Rider

Motorcycle Rider Expresses Disappointment After Unidentified Suspect Stole his Unattended Helmet A motorcycle rider has expressed his disappointment after an unidentified man stole his helmet at a parking lot. Over the past few years, robbery becomes one of the major problems not only in the Philippines but also in different regions across the glove. Several criminals have … Read more

Lady Passenger Argues w/ MMDA Enforcers Who Apprehended Her For Not Wearing Helmet

Lady Passenger

MMDA Enforcers Apprehended Lady Passenger Her For Not Wearing Helmet, Woman Says “Kasi ang alam ko po kailangan ka maghelmet pag nasa highway ka” A lady passenger argued with MMDA enforcers who apprehended her and her colleague for not wearing helmet. The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority is an agency of the Republic of the Philippines implementing the … Read more

Police Officers Caught on Camera Riding Motorcycle Without Helmet

Police Officers

Video of Police Officers Riding Motorcycle Without Helmet Earns Criticisms from Netizens The video footage of two police officers who violated the traffic rules and regulations for not wearing crash helmets earns criticism online. Nowadays, the Philippine government and the authorities are implementing stricter traffic rules and regulations to ensure the safety of motorists along … Read more