Duterte Doesn’t Think All His Senatorial Bets Will Win

The President Doubts That All Of His Bets For Senatorial Positions Will Win The Elections DUTERTE – The president doesn’t think that all of his senatorial wagers can sweep the 12 seats this midterm election on Monday (May 13, 2019). Recently, the president campaigned for the senatorial candidates from the Philippine Democratic Party–People’s Power party. … Read more

#Halalan2019: Monthly Salary of PH Senator After Winning 2019 Elections

Monthly Salary

PH Senatorial Candidates Monthly Salary In Case of Winning 2019 Elections Here is the expected monthly salary of the Philippine senatorial candidates who would win on the upcoming 2019 midterm elections. The senatorial candidates have been very busy conducting different campaign programs and joining debates for the upcoming May 2019 polls. The election candidates were … Read more