LOOK: Doug Kramer, Cheska Garcia’s Master Bedroom Will Look Like This

Doug Kramer, Cheska Garcia

Doug Kramer, Cheska Garcia Got New Under-Construction House DOUG KRAMER – Cager Doug Kramer and his wife Cheska Garcia shared photos of their new under-construction house Many people surely know about the ‘Team Kramer’ – the family of Doug Kramer and Cheska Garcia. Together with their three cute kids, the two celebrities are prominent both … Read more

Watch: Team Kramer’s Most Touching Video: The Growing Up Years of Their Kids

One of the country’s most popular celebrity family, “Team Kramer” composed of actress Cheska Garcia and PBA star Douglas “Doug” Kramer with their three kids namely Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin released their most touching video online. The heartwarming video released by Team Kramer features the “growing years” of their kids. The video was first posted … Read more