LOOK: Doug Kramer, Cheska Garcia’s Master Bedroom Will Look Like This

Doug Kramer, Cheska Garcia Got New Under-Construction House

DOUG KRAMER – Cager Doug Kramer and his wife Cheska Garcia shared photos of their new under-construction house

Many people surely know about the ‘Team Kramer’ – the family of Doug Kramer and Cheska Garcia. Together with their three cute kids, the two celebrities are prominent both in showbiz and social media.

Doug and Kramer got two beautiful daughters Kendra and Scarlet and a handsome son Gavin. But, aside from the three, they have other babies – their expensive cars. They have a black Mustang GT, an Isuzu MUX , and a black H350.

Currently, the celebrity family also got a new under-construction house. Recently, Doug Kramer and Cheska Garcia took to the social media photos of their house.


On his Instagram account, Doug Kramer posted two photos – one which shows their master bedroom which is still being developed. The other photo shows what their master bedroom will look like.

(Please swipe to see what the celebrity couple’s master bedroom will look like.)


Here are some of the comments on the cager’s social media post:

“There’s a modern rustic feel to it! So nice!”

“Super love your family. May God bless you more. Family goals.”

“OMG! Perfectly dream big house”

On her Instagram account, Doug Kramer’s wife Cheska Garcia posted three photos taken at their under-construction “new rustic home”. In her caption, she revealed that it will have an “industrial look”. She also shared that they decided not to have an interior designer.


Here are some of the comments on the social media post of Cheska Garcia:

“Is that a building or a house?? So huge!! Congrats team Kramer!”

“I can already imagine how beautiful it will be…your new home”

“Ang laki naman po nyan .. Parang mas malaki pa ata sa grocery mall…”

What can you say about it?


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