Team Kramer New Home, Surprises Kids With “Little Adventure Zone”

Team Kramer Moved To New House, Doug And Chesca Surprises Children With “Little Adventure Zone”

TEAM KRAMER – As Team Kramer currently moved to their new house, Doug and his wife Chesca surprises their children with a little adventure zone.

(Left) Photo uplifted from: LionheartTV | (Right) IG: @dougkramer

In Doug Kramer’s IG post, he wrote that they bid their previous house that they resided for over 6 years goodbye. He added that tears were shed and his “perspired” the most.

He further wrote that this is where their team began and a lot of effort and hard work was spent for their old house. He then thanked his fans for being with them ever since the beginning as they move to their new house, and a new chapter in their lives.

Doug, then, posted a video and said that he and his wife Chesca left a house blessing surprise with their kids Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin.

As they walked down the stairs and to the surprise, which is the play area, the kids ran and played. Doug further said that while the parents would hang out in the man cave, the kids can play there.

Here are comments from both posts:

“Awww… excited for this new chapter tho!!! 😆”

@iyavillania on Instagram

” Congratulations sir doug. Youve built a beautiful house. It was your leadership that came through with everything. Truly a work of love. You are our leader in the house-All of us, your employees. We thank you for always considering us in this dream house. 💖💖 I am beyond excited. New chapters always give us butterflies- nervousness that we couldn’t explain. Everything may seem new but you know what remains the same? You, ms cheks and the kids. It’s your guidance and leadership, ms cheks’ oc-ness and kalogness and the kids ‘laughter that makes the new house feel familiar, the one that makes us feel it’s home 🏡 💗 “

@raycyenriquez on Instagram

“Like i said yesterday! Enjoy moving in to your new house kuya! 💪🏼 “

@justinshaunchua on Instagram

” Congratulations @dougkramer @chekakrameryour hard work paid off 😍❤️ “

@vellybella on Instagram

” I like the way you share , so natural, no pretensions , no yabang, just naturally sharing joy, & happiness from accomplishments . Thank you for the sharing. 🤗 As always I enjoyed it. “

@milarethmeier on Instagram

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