Filipina Uses Fake Passport Bought on TikTok, Intercepted at NAIA

Fake Passport

A Filipina who used a fake passport purchased on TikTok was apprehended by immigration officers at NAIA. The aspiring Pinay OFW, identified as Josephine, was intercepted at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 while attempting to leave the country with a counterfeit Belgian passport. Bureau of Immigration (BI) officials found inconsistencies in her statements. They … Read more

Bureau of Immigration Apprehends Pinay w/ Fake Passport Bought on TikTok

Fake Passport

Pinay Nabbed with Fake Passport Bought on TikTok FAKE PASSPORT – The Bureau of Immigration apprehended a Pinay with a fake passport she bought from a seller on TikTok. On September 5, 2023 (Tuesday), Bureau of Immigration (BI) officials apprehended a Filipina, identified as Josephine, who was attempting to leave the country with a fake … Read more

Filipina Loses Money after Scammed by Foreigner from Dating App

Filipina Got Scammed by Foreigner She Met on a Dating App A Filipina files complaints against a foreigner she met on a dating app after being scammed and losing her money. A foreigner she met on a dating app allegedly cheated on her and later blackmailed her. The article claims that “Sarah” (not her real … Read more

Nigerian ‘Love Scammer, Filipina Arrested for Scamming in Cavite

Nigerian ‘Love Scammer, Filipina for Scamming Foreign National in Cavite Police Authorities arrested a Nigerian ‘love scammer’ along with a Filipina accomplice for scamming a foreign national in Cavite. In Bacoor, Cavite, a Nigerian man, and his Pinay partner were detained for allegedly engaging in a “love fraud.” The operation was launched in Nigeria after … Read more

Belle Mariano Next Dream after Winning Prestigious Award

Belle Mariano

Actress Belle Mariano Talks about her Next Career Goal BELLE MARIANO- The kapamilya actress talks about her next goal in her career after winning in Seoul International Drama Award 2022. At the recent Seoul International Drama Awards, which were hosted in South Korea, Belle Mariano won her first international title. Based on the report of … Read more

Japanese Fugitive Arrested for Arranging Fake Marriage Involving Filipina

BI Arrest a Japanese Fugitive Over Fake Marriage with Filipina Accomplice The Bureau of Immigration (BI) has arrested a Japanese fugitive for allegedly arranging a fake marriage for a compatriot and a Filipina. According to the report, the Japanese national was wanted by his government for allegedly arranging a fake marriage between a Japanese citizen … Read more

Filipina Arrested For Allegedly Beating Child To Death In South Korea

Filipina Arrested In South Korea After Allegedly Killing Son Of US Serviceman FILIPINA ARRESTED IN SOUTH KOREA – A 30-year-old Filipina was jailed after she was accused of beating a 3-year-old boy to death. According to reports, the boy was the son of a US serviceman stationed in South Korea. Furthermore, the victim had a … Read more

2 Pinay Victims of Illegal Recruiter Nabbed in Clark Over Fake Documents

2 Pinay Victims of Illegal Recruiter Nabbed Over Fake Documents in Clark Airport The Bureau of Immigration (BI) at Clark International Airport intercepted two Pinay who were victims of an illegal recruiter. The BI personnel intercepted the two Filipinas who were on their way to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). BI Travel Control Enforcement Unit … Read more