Bela Padilla Admits Hiding Fear when Directing Lorna Tolentino

Bela Padilla Reveals She Conceals Her Fear While Directing Lorna Tolentino Actress-director Bela Padilla admitted that she is concealing her fear while director award-winning actress Lorna Tolentino. During Bela’s new film “Yung Libro sa Napanood Ko” media conference on Saturday, March 18, Bela pretended not to be nervous when they were together on the set. … Read more

Teves Could Not Return to the Country Over Fear of His Security

Lawyer Reveals Teves Fears His Security When He Returned to the Philippines The legal counsel of Negros Oriental 3rd District Rep Arnulfo “Arnie” Teves revealed that his client feared for his security when he returned to the Philippines. Teves’ lawyer Atty. Toby Diokno legal stated at the Pandesal Forum that Teves has been unable to … Read more

Imee Marcos “Kinakabahan” to the Proposed Maharlika Fund Bill

Imee Marcos Fears the Maharlika Fund Bill Could Be Use for Corruption Senator Imee Marcos expresses “kinakabahan” with the proposed Philippine sovereign wealth fund called Maharlika Fund. The President’s sister expressed her concern that the said bill would go the same fate as Malaysia’s 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), which was plagued by graft problems. The … Read more

Filipinos in Italy Experienced Discrimination Due to COVID-19 Scare

Filipinos in Italy Experienced Discrimination Mistaken as Chinese Filipinos share the experience of discrimination from the people in Italy as they were mistaken as Chinese amid the COVID-19 scare. Due to novel coronavirus 2019 or now called the COVID-19 outbreak people nowadays are panicking and raised fear when going in public. The spread deadly virus … Read more

Anxiety And Fear – What Is The Difference Between The Two?

What Is The Difference Between Anxiety And Fear? ANXIETY AND FEAR – In this article, we will learn more about the differences between anxiety and fear. Both anxiety and fear often occur together. However, these two terms are not transposable. Although there are times that the symptoms overlap, an individual’s experience with these emotions differ … Read more