Bird Collector Sells Collection to Support Dad’s Medication

Bird Collector

Bird Collector Named Charlon Reyes Sells His Collection to Pay Dad’s Hospital Bills A 21-year-old bird collector started to sell his collection to support the medication of his father who suffered stroke last week. Over the past few years, the coronavirus pandemic severely affects the physical health, mental health and even the livelihood of the … Read more

Father Jailed After Trying to Bribe Police who Arrested His Daughter

Father Trying to Bribe Police for the Release of His Daughter Arrested Police authorities arrested a father who allegedly tried to bribe the police for the release of his daughter who was arrested for estafa. At the Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit of the Quezon City Police District (CIDU-QCPD) at Camp Karingal, Sikatuna Village, Quezon … Read more

Netizen Shares Heartwarming Word From His Dad “Namimis ko na kayong mga anak ko”

Heartwarming Word

Netizen Shares Photos of His Dad Waiting for Him A male netizen has shared the heartwarming words from his father saying “Namimis ko na kasi kayong mga anak ko”. Nowadays, most children are busy with their own activities including school, work, extra-curricular activities, hanging out with friends and other activities outside home. Some of them … Read more

Food Delivery Rider Father Carrying Baby Amid Duty Elicit Reactions

Food Delivery Rider Father Earned Praise Online for Carrying Baby While Working The online community was moved by the food delivery rider father after he was spotted carrying his baby amid his work delivering foods. Jeremiel Flores Quinto, a concerned Facebook user, posted photos of a delivery rider from the popular food delivery app Food … Read more

Woman Gifts Her Father w/ Brand New Car For Its Sacrifices

Brand New Car

Netizens Lauded Woman After Giving Her Father w/ Brand New Car During Birthday Celebration A loving woman has gifted her beloved father with a brand new car to pay him back for all of his sacrifices A lady netizen named Kimsen Dawinan has touched the hearts of the netizens after giving her father a brand … Read more