Pangasinan Farmer Passes Away After Struck by Lightning

Pangasinan Farmer

Pangasinan Farmer Dies After Struck by Lightning A Pangasinan farmer has passed away after he was struck by lightning while working on his farm in the town of Natividad. A 40-year-old farmer identified as Dionisio Dumundon Jr. immediately died after he was struck by lightning at Barangay San Eugenio in Natividad, Pangasinan. The latter suffered … Read more

Farmer Wearing Police Uniform Arrested for Carrying Deadly Weapon


Cops Arrest Farmer Wearing Police Uniform, Deadly Weapon Recovered From Suspect PALAYAN CITY, NUEVA ECIJA – A 33-year-old farmer wearing a police uniform has been nabbed for carrying a deadly woman. The police authorities have arrested a farmer in Palayan City, Nueva Ecija for wearing a police uniform. The cops have also recovered a deadly … Read more

Davao de Oro Farmer Passes Away Due to Snake Bite

Davao de Oro Farmer

Davao de Oro Farmer Dies After Bitten by King Cobra A Davao de Oro farmer has passed away after he was bitten by a ‘banakon’ or known as King Cobra in Barangay Olaycon. Over the previous decades, numerous sightings of snakes and other wild creatures have been recorded throughout the Philippines. Those reptiles contain venom that could … Read more

Farmer Nabbed After Illegal Plant in His Backyard Caught in Davao de Oro

Farmer Planting illegal Plant in His Backyard Arrested in Davao de Oro Police authorities arrested a farmer after an illegal plant called “Maryjane” was discovered in his backyard in Davao de Oro. According to the report, 20 grams of suspected marijuana plant were confiscated from his yard in Davao de Oro. Leonard Enclonar Bajenting, 38, … Read more

Father Criticized for “Nagsasaka kahit walang kalabaw” Received Help

Father, Son Criticized for Farming Without “Kalabaw” Received Help from Tulfo Veteran journalist Raffy Tulfo helped a father and son who were being criticized for farming even without water buffalo (kalabaw). A farmer from Leyte’s Barangay Danus contacted Raffy Tulfo’s program “Wanted sa Radyo” to seek assistance from the veteran journalist. Ismael Malabat, the farmer … Read more

Farmer in Abra Shot by Neighbor to Death Due to Missing Goats

Farmer in Abra Shot by Neighbor Over Missing Goats Due to Victim’s Dog A heated confrontation becomes a heinous crime after a neighbor shot a farmer to death due to the suspect’s missing goats. In Sitio Baleg, Brgy. Calao, Bucay, Abra, a farmer was shot and was proclaimed dead on arrival when a hot-headed neighbor … Read more

Farmer Arrested Over Smuggling Attempt of Illegal Logs in Isabela

Farmer Caught Attempting to Smuggle Illegal Logs in Isabela Arrested Police authorities arrested a farmer who was accused of attempted smuggling of illegal logs in Burgos, Naguilian, Isabela province. When law enforcement officers discovered a farmer trying to smuggle sawn or illegally cut timber into this province, he was apprehended. Orlando Solito, 44, a farmer … Read more

10-Year-Old Boy Plows 2-Hectare Farm Alone to Feed His Family

10-Year-Old Boy

Reymark, 10-Year-Old Boy Works Hard Plowing 2-Hectare Farm to Feed His Family A 10-year-old boy named Reymark is patiently plowing about two hectare farm to earn money to feed his family. Reymark is working hard with his very young age just to earn money for provide the needs of his family. He tirelessly plows the … Read more