China Heat Wave ‘Cooks’ Live Shrimp


China Heat Wave can Cook Live Shrimp on a Water Bag China – An extreme heatwave in China can cook a live shrimp in a water bag purchased on a super market, after the buyer carried in home because of the high temperatures. On Sunday, August 14, a woman surnamed Fang, from Xinyang in central … Read more

Over 60 Students in Batangas Rushed To Hospital Due To Extreme Heat

60 Students

Bauan Technical High School Students Rushed To Hospitals in Batangas Due To Extreme Heat Over 60 students of Bauan Technical High School were rushed to different hospitals in Batangas after fainting due to extreme heat. About sixty (60) students in Bauan, Batangas faint because of the hot weather condition. The ambulance immediately arrived at the … Read more