Heat Stroke: 6 Die Of Extreme Heat In Cotabato Village

Six Lives Lost to Heat Stroke in Cotabato Village

HEAT STROKE – According to reports from village officials, the increasing temperatures in Cotabato province have resulted in the deaths of at least six individuals from a distant village in Makilala town, all due to heat stroke.

Heat stroke represents a severe form of heat-related illness, arising when the body’s temperature rises to dangerous levels due to extended exposure to high temperatures, often exacerbated by inadequate hydration.

It occurs when the body’s natural cooling mechanisms fail to cope with the excessive heat. Indications of heat stroke encompass notably elevated body temperature, parched and overheated skin devoid of perspiration, accelerated heartbeat, headaches, vertigo, queasiness, cognitive disorientation, loss of consciousness, and in severe instances, convulsions.

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Urgent medical attention is imperative for heat stroke, as its untreated progression can precipitate grave consequences such as neurological impairment, cardiac issues, renal dysfunction, muscular damage, and potentially mortality. Treatment typically involves swift measures to lower body temperature, which can include relocating the individual to cooler surroundings, administering cold compresses or ice, or submerging them in cool water.

Rehydration with fluids is crucial, alongside vigilant monitoring of vital signs. In severe cases, hospital admission may be necessary for intensified care and observation.

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Reports from village authorities indicate that a surge in temperatures in Cotabato province has resulted in the deaths of at least six individuals in a secluded village within Makilala town, attributed to heat stroke.

The deceased were inhabitants of Barangay San Vicente, where the heat index has consistently hovered around 40 degrees Celsius in recent weeks.

Rey Gabia, the village head of San Vicente, disclosed that the initial casualty was a barangay health worker who passed away last week. Shortly after the health worker’s funeral, a vendor selling buko juice collapsed and was pronounced dead upon arrival at a local hospital.

Gabia further stated that within the past three days, a 45-year-old farmer and three elderly residents succumbed to heat stroke successively, as confirmed by autopsy reports.

“We are alarmed by the incidents because it seemed unusual that while we bury one, another would die,” Gabia remarked.

Officials of Barangay San Vicente have urged residents to minimize outdoor activities to shield themselves from the intense heat.

“If you don’t have important things to do, please stay at home and drink plenty of water to remain hydrated all the time,” Gabia said.

In anticipation of dwindling water resources, the San Vicente barangay council has stored potable water at the village hall for distribution to residents.

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