Vice Ganda Thanks His Cheating Ex

Vice Ganda

Here’s the story of Vice Ganda about an ex-partner who cheated on him. Kapamilya superstar Vice Ganda shares why he’s thankful to what his ex-partner did before confessing the infidelity in the past. Old relationships can affect us way after they have ended. It may be hard to let go of someone you’ve built a … Read more

Vice Ganda’s Advice For Those Facing Problems Alone

Vice Ganda 1

Vice Ganda’s Words of Wisdom for Those Facing Problems Alone VICE GANDA – Kapamilya host Vice Ganda has advice for those facing their problems alone. The siblings and twins Ritchelle and Rochelle couldn’t help but become emotional during their visit to “EXPecially For You” on “It’s Showtime.” During the conversation with the noontime show hosts, … Read more

Vice Ganda Asks About “Micro-Cheating”

Vice Ganda

What is micro-cheating? Vice Ganda asks questions related to this. VICE GANDA – The Kapamilya superstar comedian wondered what micro-cheating means and acts considered as this. One of the trendy words of today online is “micro-cheating”. It is defined as the “small breaches of trust in a relationship that don’t pass the threshold into a … Read more

Vice Ganda To Make ‘EXpecially For You’ Searchee His Scholar

Vice Ganda

Many hearts were touched as Vice Ganda offered this student a scholarship. Kapamilya superstar Vice Ganda offers ‘EXpecially For You’ searchee a scholarship and here are some comments of touched netizens. One of the ways Kapamilya superstar comedian Vice Ganda gives back and shares his blessing is providing support to those who are not capable … Read more

Kim Chiu Shares Thoughts About Giving Second Chances

Kim Chiu

This is what Kim Chiu said about this matter. Kapamilya actress-host Kim Chiu was asked about giving second chances and this is her stand about this. Is it always worth it to give a second chance? Giving someone a second chance would depend on a lot of factors and one of the most important thing … Read more

Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson In “EXpecially For You”?

Kim Chiu

Netizens gush about Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson feature in this It’s Showtime segment. Trending online are Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson after Vice Ganda teased the actress to join their “EXpecially For You” segment. Airing for a while now is the It’s Showtime “Expecially For You” which was introduced in December 2023. This segment … Read more

Vice Ganda “Napikon” Because Of This Male Contestant

Vice Ganda

Here’s why Vice Ganda got pissed. It’s Showtime host Vice Ganda “napikon” because of what this guy did to the girl in recent episode of “Expecially For You”. “Ngayon lang ako napika ng ganito!” These were the words of Kapamilya host Vice Ganda after hearing the story of ex-couple who got featured in their “Expecially … Read more

It’s Showtime “Expecially For You” Has Surprising Twist

It's Showtime

This former couple in It’s Showtime “Expecially For You” makes a surprising move. IT’S SHOWTIME – The exes features in “Expecially For You” baffled people because of the confessions made that derailed the format. “Expecially For You” is a new segment of It’s Showtime and in a recent episode, the former couple made confessions that … Read more