Minimum Jeepney Fare Rate At P10.00 Officially Starts In November 2

Minimum Jeepney Fare Rate

The P10.00 minimum jeepney fare rate will take effect on November 2, 2018. MINIMUM JEEPNEY FARE RATE – The P10.00 jeepney fare rate will have an effective implementation on November 2 as approved by LTFRB. The increased inflation rate in the country has undeniably affected a lot of Filipinos as the prices of basic goods and commodities have also … Read more

Pokwang Expensive Jewelry Stuns People, Post Gathered Comments

Pokwang expensive jewelry gathered various comments. POKWANG – Kapamilya comedienne Pokwang expensive jewelry has stunned and caught the attention of the people which eventually gathered various comments. The inflation rate which reached up to 6.4% has undeniably deeply affected the people of whom are the consumers as well. In a previous report, even Gretchen Ho … Read more