3 Drunk Men in Puerto Princesa Found Sleeping on Roadside

Drunk Men

3 Drunk Men Found Sleeping on Roadside Three drunk men were unable to make it home due to excessive drinking, leading them to pass out on the roadside. Intoxication refers to a state where a person’s normal physical or mental functions are impaired due to the consumption of substances such as alcohol, drugs, or other … Read more

Man in Abra Fatally Shot by Drinking Buddy


Man Lost His Life After Fatally Shot by Drinking Buddy in Abra A man in Bangued, Abra lost his life after being shot by his drinking buddy after an exchange of heated arguments due to a misunderstanding. Social drinking sessions often provide opportunities for relaxation, fellowship, and bonding among friends and acquaintances. However, amidst the … Read more

Drunk Construction Worker Lost His Life After Swimming in Pasig River

Construction Worker

A drunk construction worker identified as Jonathan Pava tragically lost his life after swimming in Pasig River. The 33-year-old construction worker expressed a desire to take a swim in the river. His cousin tried to stop him and warned him against the strong current. However, he became upset when their colleagues tried to stop him.

Construction Worker Drowns in Pasig River After Allegedly Drinking

Construction Worker

Construction Worker Lost His Life After Drowning in Pasig River DROWNING INCIDENT – A construction worker in Binondo, Manila drowned in the Pasig River after reportedly consuming alcohol. The 33-year-old construction worker named Jonathan Pava and his colleagues had set up their barracks near the riverbank. They were enjoying some drinks when Jonathan expressed a … Read more

Woman who Went to a Drinking Party Found lifeless in CamSur

Woman Found Lifeless after Going a Drinking Party in CamSur Police authorities found a lifeless body of a woman who allegedly left their house to attend a drinking party in Camarines Sur (CamSur). A woman who supposedly went drinking at their place did not return home alive, according to reports in the village of Lagonoy … Read more

Former Broadcaster Stabs Bank Manager with Scissor in Legazpi

Former Broadcaster Stabs Bank Manager Inside Bar in Legazpi City A bank manager suffers stab wounds after being stabbed by a former broadcaster inside a bar in Legazpi City. According to Lieutenant Kharren Formales, the spokesperson for the Albay police, 57-year-old former broadcaster Lamberto Doronela, also known as Kuya Lambi on RBN News Television, attacked … Read more

Angry Man Smashes Friend’s Cellphone for Playing Mobile Games While Drinking

Angry Man

Video of Angry Man Smashing Friend’s Cellphone for Playing Games While Drinking The video footage of an angry man who smashed his friend’s cellphone for playing a mobile game while drinking goes viral online. Nowadays, most people have mobile phones and using their gadgets for communication, educational, academic, or other purposes. Gadgets are truly useful … Read more