Former Broadcaster Stabs Bank Manager with Scissor in Legazpi

Former Broadcaster Stabs Bank Manager Inside Bar in Legazpi City

A bank manager suffers stab wounds after being stabbed by a former broadcaster inside a bar in Legazpi City.

According to Lieutenant Kharren Formales, the spokesperson for the Albay police, 57-year-old former broadcaster Lamberto Doronela, also known as Kuya Lambi on RBN News Television, attacked a bank manager. The 47-year-old victim was named as Jaime Aplacador.

Former Broadcaster Bank Manager

According to the police investigation, they were having a drinking binge when the stabbing incident happened inside a bar in Barangay 16-Washington. A scissor was used by Doronela, according to the investigation, to stab Aplacador.

Based on the report, Aplacador was taken to a hospital with injuries to the left rear of his neck. According to Formales, the owner and several customers promptly took custody of the suspect.

During the course of the investigation, Doronela, a former radio and online television host in this city, is being held in police custody. The victim sustained a wound to the left side of his neck. Doronela, on the other hand, was detained right away. by the authorities.

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