Derek Ramsay Shares His “Parenting Is Tough” Moment

Derek Ramsay

In an Instagram post, Derek Ramsay shares his own version of “parenting is tough”. On Instagram, Derek Ramsay shared this funny moment with Elias and Ellen Adarna had this reaction in the comments. Effective and good parenting will always have positive outcomes for the child. Parenting itself should not be a burden. It is a … Read more

Derek Ramsay Pens Sweet Message For “Son” Elias

Derek Ramsay

Here’s the sweet birthday message of Derek Ramsay to his stepson. DEREK RAMSAY – Actor-model Derek Ramsay has this short but sweet message for Elias, son of Ellen Adarna. It seems like Derek Ramsay will not have a hard time taking on the dad role when that time. And this is because of Elias. His … Read more

Derek Ramsay Records Heartfelt Anniversary Message For Ellen Adarna

Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna

Actor Derek Ramsay expresses a heartfelt message for his wife. DEREK RAMSAY – Celebrity couple Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna are currently in Peru and this is the actor’s message for her. Enjoying their anniversary trip to Lima, Peru are Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna. This is the actress’ gift for her husband after she … Read more

Derek Ramsay Proud Husband When Ellen Adarna Did This

Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna

Here’s a video of Ellen Adarna that made Derek Ramsay a proud husband. DEREK RAMSAY – Famous actor Derek Ramsay gushes about his wife Ellen Adarna because of this video that she posted. Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay initially planned to tie the knot on top of Mt Gulugud Baboy, Batangas, where they shared their … Read more

Derek Ramsay Reaction To Comment Of John Lloyd About Him

Derek Ramsay

John Lloyd Cruz says Derek Ramsay is raising his son well and this is the latter’s reaction to this. DEREK RAMSAY – John Lloyd Cruz appreciates what Derek Ramsay does for his and this is the latter’s reaction to his comment. In a previous article, Derek Ramsay said that he and John Lloyd Cruz are … Read more

Derek Ramsay Reacts To Rude Comment About Brother Andrew

Derek Ramsay Brother

This is what Derek Ramsay said about the bashers who are comparing him and his brother. DEREK RAMSAY – Theater actor Andrew Ramsay is the youngest brother of Derek Ramsay and this is what the latter said to bashers. Andrew Ramsay is the youngest brother of actor and sought-after leading man Derek Ramsay. They are … Read more

Derek Ramsay Describes Married Life With Wife Ellen Adarna

Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna

This is how the life of Derek Ramsay is going so far after marrying. DEREK RAMSAY – Top leading man Derek Ramsay reveals and described his marriage life after marrying actress Ellen Adarna. Ellen Adarna and Derek officially sealed the deal last November 11 in an intimate wedding attended by their dearest friends and family. … Read more