Derek Ramsay Shares His “Parenting Is Tough” Moment

Derek Ramsay

In an Instagram post, Derek Ramsay shares his own version of “parenting is tough”. On Instagram, Derek Ramsay shared this funny moment with Elias and Ellen Adarna had this reaction in the comments. Effective and good parenting will always have positive outcomes for the child. Parenting itself should not be a burden. It is a … Read more

Derek Ramsay Describes Married Life With Wife Ellen Adarna

Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna

This is how the life of Derek Ramsay is going so far after marrying. DEREK RAMSAY – Top leading man Derek Ramsay reveals and described his marriage life after marrying actress Ellen Adarna. Ellen Adarna and Derek officially sealed the deal last November 11 in an intimate wedding attended by their dearest friends and family. … Read more