Delivery Rider Victimized by Heartless Hold Uppers (Video)

Delivery Rider

Video of Heartless Hold Uppers Victimizing Delivery Rider Elicits Comments Online The video footage of two heartless hold uppers who victimized a delivery rider in Taguig elicits comments from the netizens. Robbery is one of the most common types on crime happening not only in the Philippines but also in different countries worldwide. Thieves usually … Read more

Delivery Rider Accidentally Accepts Drug Package from Customer

Delivery Rider

Delivery Rider Found Illegal Drugs From Package He Will Deliver A delivery rider accidentally accepts drug package from his customer and immediately report it to the police authorities. The delivery employee accepts a booking from a customer in Caloocan. The customer declared that the parcel contains cellphone holder, which will be delivered to San Jose … Read more

Innocent Netizen Expresses Disappointment After Victimized by “Sana All Challenge”

Innocent Netizen

Innocent Netizen Gets Disappointment Due To “Sana All Challenge” An innocent netizen expressed his disappointment after he was victimized by “Sana All Challenge” thinking the foods were free. The Facebook page “Go Philippines” has shared the experience of a netizen named Jefrey Son Capantoc who expressed his disappointment after victimized by the viral Sana All … Read more

Delivery Rider Illegally Detained by Customer For Having No Idea How To Use Ordered Item

Delivery Rider

Video of Delivery Rider Illegally Detained by Customer Goes Viral A delivery rider expressed his dismay after a wise customer detained him inside his house for having no idea on how to use his order. Nowadays, a lot of delivery employees are experiencing hardships and difficulties performing their jobs. Several customers are making fake bookings … Read more

Delivery Rider Shot to Death in a Buy-Bust Operation in Cavite

Delivery Rider Died in a Shooting Incident in Cavite During Buy-Bust Operation DELIVERY RIDER – Authorities shot him dead after he exchanges gunfire during the buy-bust operation in General Tria, Cavite, Friday. Based on the report of ABS-CBN, the police operatives pretended to buy illegal drugs to the said suspect. According to Police Capt. Hilario … Read more

Delivery Rider Seeks Help From Netizens To Recover His Lost Documents

Delivery Rider

Delivery Rider Lost Documents & Seeks Help From Netizens To Recover It A delivery rider is seeking help from the netizens to help him recover his lost documents including his driver’s license. Nowadays, delivery employees need driver’s license in order to perform their job. business companies usually requires riders to obtain a driver’s license before … Read more