Father Follows Daughter to Ensure Her Safety as She Commutes

Loving Father Earns Praise Online for Following Commuter Daughter to Ensure Her Safety

A father who follows his daughter to ensure her safety as she commutes during her daily commute to work touched many hearts.

TikTok user, jemyhernandez31, shared a video that struck a chord with netizens on March 6, 2024. The video quickly circulated on social media and garnered various reactions from the online community.

Jeremy Hernandez shared that his father has made it a routine to accompany her whenever she heads out for work. His caring gesture came from the concern over recent cases of hold-ups in their neighborhood, particularly during the late hours of the night or early mornings.


Previously, Hernandez used to commute alone, but her father decided to buy a bike not only for his own exercise but also to ensure her safety.

“Dati commuters lang po siya, and bumili siya [ng] bike para exercise na rin niya at lumakas siya. Wala po palya yan sa pagsabay sa’kin papasok ng work,” Hernandez said.

The lady passenger said that her dad never fails to accompany her to work. Even on Philippine holidays when he doesn’t have work, he still accompanies her.


May pasok rin ako t’wing Philippine holiday tapos [walang pasok si papa] pero hinahatid pa rin niya ako. May mga videos ako marami kasi natutuwa rin ako na ganun sila mag-effort sa’kin,” she added.

Expressing her gratitude, Hernandez also recognized her mother’s role in their daily routine. She acknowledged her mother’s early wake-up calls to assist them in getting ready for work and her patients wait for their return home.

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“Parehas po silang ma-effort sa kaligtasan ko kahit matanda na ako (26 years old), Hindi po kami perpektong pamilya pero dama ko po ang pagmamahal at pag-aalaga namin sa isa’t isa,” she explained.

@jemyhernandez31 Papa ko yan! Syempre ang mama namen na gumigising din maaga para asikasuhin din kame 🥰 #parents #daddylittleprincess❤️❤️ #fyp #trending ♬ original sound – JL – JL 🎸

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