To Be Discharged Patient Jailed After Found Illegal Drugs in Cebu

Patient Illegal Drugs

Patient from the Hospital Arrested After Illegal Drugs Found in His Pocket in Cebu Authorities delivered a patient that supposed to be discharged from a hospital in Cebu to jail after illegal drugs were found in his pocket. A 26-year-old guy who was set to be released from the hospital ended himself in jail, according … Read more

Cebu Hospitals Overburdened With COVID-19 Cases

Cebu Hospitals Overburdened With COVID-19 Infections As Surges Continue CEBU HOSPITALS – Hospitals in Cebu City have become overburdened with COVID-19 cases due to a surge in infection. Following a massive rise in COVID-19 cases, Cebu City is facing a severe lack of bed spaces to accommodate patients. Due to this, patients were forced to … Read more