Vanessa Hudgens Reveals Lea Salonga Inspired Her To Sing

Vanessa Hudgens talked about her singing inspiration Hollywood actress-singer Vanessa Hudgens revealed that Broadway star Lea Salonga inspired her to sing. The Fil-Am celebrity who starred in the High School Musical movie is proud of her roots. On her first visit to the Philippines, she will be doing a documentary to promote the tourism industry … Read more

Lea Salonga Announces North American Concert Tour Dates

Lea Salonga concert

Lea Salonga Releases Schedule For North American Concert Tour LEA SALONGA – Broadway star Lea Salonga released the complete schedule for her North American Concert tour. In an effort to stop the spread of the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19), lots of festivals, TV shoots, concerts, and films were canceled or postponed. Globally, there are over … Read more

Lea Salonga Video Singing Birit Song ‘Alone’ Awes Netizens

Netizens have these reactions to the rendition of Lea Salonga of the song ‘Alone’ Broadway star Lea Salonga sang the birit song “Alone” of the band Heart and her video awed netizens. Lea is known for her singing prowess and that paved her success in the international music scene. It is also a fact that … Read more