Lea Salonga Shares What She Found Out About Rhythm In Acting

Lea Salonga talked about the satisfaction she gets from acting and singing

Broadway star Lea Salonga shared what she found out about the rhythm in acting and this is something that is a lot of fun for her.

Lea has been in the industry since she was young. She has already done acting stints here in the Philippines and abroad and has done a lot of concerts in popular venues all over the world.

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During those years that she gave superb entertainment to her audience, whether on stage, small screen, or big screen, Lea does not stop learning new things when it comes to her craft.

In a recent interview, based on the article in Inquirer, the award-winning theater actress was asked about the satisfaction that she gets when she performs as a singer and as an actress. She said that these two things are both feeding her emotions. Through singing and acting, she can release whatever her current emotion is.

“They’re different but, at the same time, with singing, there needs to be an element of acting in order to really get those emotions out. I mean, it can’t just be singing to sound pretty—that’s not interesting,” Lea Salonga stressed.

For her singing is a form of storytelling and so this requires acting as well. She also said that when she is singing, she tries to relate the song to a certain story. When it comes to the satisfaction she gets from singing, Lea said that she can easily have feedback from the audience during live singing performances.

However, when it is recorded, just like acting projects in movies or TV shows, requires a certain period of time before she would receive a response from her audience.

lea salonga

In acting, Lea Salonga highlighted her freedom to make her own pace. “When I’m acting now, I’m the one who sets the pace of it—unless of course a director tells me, ‘OK, you’re going too slow. You have to go faster.’ But yeah, it’s an interesting thing to now realize that, ‘Oh, the rhythm’s in my hands pala’—and I get to play with it,” she related.

She cited an example and it was a scene she did with Malia Pyles (who plays her daughter in ‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’). They received little notes from their director regarding what he required them to do and everything was put together in the editing room.

For Lea, this is something amazing, because there is no need for her to mind the orchestra. It was just her and her scene partner. “We’re setting these rhythms, or we’re the ones in charge of tempo, which is actually liberating and a lot of fun,” she said.

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