Male Teacher Shares Boodle Fight Lunch w/ Students

Male Teacher

Male Teacher Earns Praises Online After Sharing Boodle Fight Lunch w/ Students A male teacher goes viral and elicits comments online after sharing a boodle fight lunch with his beloved students. Teacher is a personnel working either in private or public schools to teach academic knowledge to students. They were tasked to help students to acquire … Read more

Boodle Fight Participants Take Out Food During Bacolod’s Lechon Festival “Balot Feast”

Boodle Fight

Boodle Fight Participants Earn Criticisms Online for Taking Out Food During Bacolod’s Lechon Festival BOODLE FEAST – The boodle fight participants in Bacolod’s Lechon Festival earn criticisms online after taking out food during the event. Kamayan or also known as kinamot or kinamut in Visayan languages, is the traditional Filipino way of eating with your … Read more

Boodle Fight with Social Distancing Amid Virus Threat Earned Criticisms

Boodle Fight with Social Distancing Amid Virus Threat Goes Viral Video footage of boodle fight with social distancing goes viral and earned criticisms from netizens amid the coronavirus disease threat. Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has already infected over  million people around the world including Philippines. Because the virus that causes COVID-19 is highly contagious, health officials … Read more

President Duterte To Lead Boodle Fight, Eat Chicken In Pampanga

Boodle Fight

Duterte To Lead Boodle Fight In Pampanga, Eat Chicken Products Amid Avian Influenza Outbreak President Rodrigo Duterte will lead the boodle fight where he will also eat chicken, eggs, and fried itik in Pampanga next week. Previously, the province of Pampanga becomes controversial due to the avian influenza outbreak. The virus was first reported started … Read more

Viral Now: Epic Boodle Fight At Jollibee

Epic Boodle Fight

Video Of Epic Boodle Fight At Jollibee Goes Viral The video of an epic boodle fight at a popular fast-food chain Jollibee goes viral after it was posted in the social media. Boodle fight is a tradition of the militaries where they are gathered in a long table full of food and rich spread over … Read more