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Fraternities Should Register as Legit Organizations in Community, Schools

Senator Christopher “Bong” Go ordered fraternities to register in the community and schools as legit organizations.

Fraternities must be registered as authorized groups in the community and at school so that authorities can monitor and control their movements or activities. Senator Christopher “Bong” Go sponsored this, saying he backed the initiative to alter and improve the Anti-Hazing Act of 2018.

This comes after the death of John Matthew Salilig, a 24-year-old Adamson University student, as a result of fraternity-related hazing. During an ambush interview after assisting the needy citizens of Sta. Maria, Bulacan, and Go stated that he has no problem with fraternities being required to be recognized as accredited school-based groups.

Fraternities Register Community Schools

He explained that the government can monitor these organizations’ actions by accrediting them and registering them with their particular schools or localities. Nonetheless, he emphasized that such restrictions should not limit students’ ability to organize, based on the article in Daily Tribune.

Many of these fraternities, according to the senator, are not registered as accredited school-based groups, resulting in their subterranean operation, making it harder for authorities to supervise them. The Anti-Hazing Act of 2018 outlaws hazing and imposes fines on those who engage in it.

Despite the existence of the legislation, cases of hazing and fraternity covert activities occur. Go stressed the importance of putting an end to hazing and violence in fraternities and sororities that result in student deaths.

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