Solenn Heussaff Surprise Daughter Thylane for a Room Make-over

Solenn Heussaff

Tili’s Bedroom Spruce up by Solenn Heussaff when she Gets Home from Argentina Solenn Heussaff mother of 2-year-old Thylane surprise her daughter with a room makeover when she get back from Arhentina. Though Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico are both still active in their individual careers—Heussaff is a painter, an entrepreneur, and a media personality, … Read more

Fossils Of Oldest Huge Dinosaur Group Member Discovered In Argentina


Fossils Of Oldest Huge Dinosaur Group Member Discovered In Argentina ARGENTINA – Scientists have found fossils of the oldest-known member of the huge dinosaur group in the Patagonian wilderness of Argentina. The said fossils are said to represent the oldest-known member of the titanosaurs named Ninjatitan zapatai that lived million years ago during the Cretaceous … Read more

Dinosaur Fossils From 220 Million Years Ago Discovered In Argentina

220 Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Fossils Discovered In Argentina DINOSAUR FOSSILS – Scientists discovered the remains of almost a dozen dinosaurs in a site in Western Argentina Wednesday last week (April 10). Recently, there has been several reports of fossil discoveries. These reports are useful for research and further studies. Meanwhile, the recent discovery was made at … Read more

Argentina’s Coast Guard Sunk Chinese Trawler Fishing Illegally Within Its Territorial Waters

The powerful Chinese fishermen got a dose of their own medicine when they tried to invade the coastal waters of Argentina, as the coast guard of the said country sunk a Chinese trawler that was fishing illegally within Argentina’s territorial waters. The move by Argentina marked the first test for relations between Argentina’s President Mauricio … Read more