Alawi Family’s Christmas Gifts & “Pasalubong” To Hash’s Girlfriend

Alawi Famiy, Hash Alawi, Paula Martinez

Check Out Alawi Family’s Christmas Gifts & “Pasalubong” To Hash Alawi’s Girlfriend ALAWI FAMILY – Hash Alawi’s girlfriend, Paula Martinez, shared a photo of the Christmas gifts and “pasalubong” she received from the Alawi family. Hash Alawi is the older brother of Youtube star and actress Ivana Alawi. In October last year, Hash introduced his … Read more

Amira Alawi Shares Adorable Dance Video On TikTok

Amira Alawi 3

Watch Amira Alawi’s Adorable Dance Video Here AMIRA ALAWI – Ivana Alawi’s sister Amira Alawi shared an adorable dance video on TikTok. Ivana Alawi has three siblings Amira Alawi, Hashim Alawi, and Mona Louise Rey. The Kapamilya star and her older sister Amira recently send good vibes to the netizens after the actress shared her … Read more

VIDEO: Ivana Alawi Swaps Clothes, Attitude W/ Sister Amira Alawi

Ivana Alawi, Amira Alawi 1

Here’s Video of Ivana Alawi & Amira Alawi Swapping Outfits and Mimicking Each Other IVANA ALAWI – Watch the video of Ivana Alawi and Amira Alawi swapping outfits and mimicking each other here. One of the most popular celebrities in the Philippines is Ivana Alawi. She gained popularity because of her entertaining vlogs on YouTube. … Read more

Ivana Alawi Gives Sister Php 500K But Did This First

Ivana Alawi

This is what Ivana Alawi did before giving this amount to her sister. IVANA ALAWI – Kapamilya actress Ivana Alawi prepares a prank for her sister before giving her a huge amount as a gift. “A Family Affair” actress Ivana Alawi is one of the most well-loved actresses in the country. She is also a … Read more

Willie Asuncion Arrested Via Raffy Tulfo’s Entrapment Operation

Amira Alawi’s BF Willie Asuncion Arrested with the Help Alawi Family, Raffy Tulfo WILLIE ASUNCION – With the help of Raffy Tulfo’s show the FM radio station owner was finally arrested in an entrapment operation. On May 30 episode of “Wanted sa Radyo” Ivana Alawi complain about Asuncion. She complained that Asuncion impregnated her older … Read more

Willie Asuncion Biography, Education, Work & Other Details

Willie Asuncion

Here are some details that we need to know about Willie Asuncion Here are some important things that we need to know about Willie Asuncion including his biography, education, work, and other details. FM station owner Mr. Willie Asuncion becomes one of the most controversial personalities online after he was featured on Raffy Tulfo’s “Wanted … Read more