Aegis Reveals Story Behind Popular Hit Song “Christmas Bonus”

Christmas Bonus

Pinoy Band Aegis Reveals Story Behind ther Hit Song “Christmas Bonus” The popular rock band Aegis has revealed the story behind the hit song “Christmas Bonus”, which has been released in the year 2000. The Filipino pop-rock band Aegis is very popular in the Philippines because of their popular hit songs, which captured the hearts of … Read more

Bernadette Sembrano Becomes Emotional Listening To Song She Co-Wrote W/ Jonathan Manalo

Bernadette Sembrano Jonathan Manalo Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin

Bernadette Sembrano Co-Wrote Theme Song of Series ‘Ang Sayo Ay Akin’ W/ Jonathan Manalo BERNADETTE SEMBRANO – Newscaster Bernadette Sembrano co-wrote the theme song of the Kapamilya series ‘Ang Sayo Ay Akin’ with Jonathan Manalo. Filipina newscaster Bernadette Sembrano gained prominence after she hosted GMA-7 network’s public affairs show ‘Wish Ko Lang!’ After completing her … Read more

Remember The Man Who Covers “Luha” by Aegis? Here is His Voice Now


Can You Still Remember Efos Maliza, The Man Who Covers “Luha” by Aegis? Here is His Real Voice

Do you still remember Efos Maliza, the viral man who covers Aegis’s popular hit song ‘Luha’? Here is his real voice after the viral video.

The Facebook page “Sadvibes” has shared the latest video footage of the guy who covers the popular hit song ‘Luha’, which brings laughter and entertainment to the social media users. The man identified Efos Maliza goes viral for singing the song ‘out-of-tune’.

Efos Maliza has posted the video of his ‘Luha’ song cover a few years ago on his YouTube channel “mayuc rj”. The netizens could not help but laugh whenever they saw the old video.


Maliza re-uploaded the old video on his new YouTube channel ‘Jr Cuyam’ and also posted his latest cover of ‘Luha’ after six years. The new video garnered various reactions from the online community.

Recently, Sadvibes has also posted the video of Luha viral singer’s real voice that shocked the netizens thinking that he has a bad singing voice. Efos together with his colleagues covers the popular hit song entitled ‘Invisible’ by Hunter Hayes.

The video has a caption of:

“Eto pala talaga yung tunay nyang boses 

Ps: Masyado nyo kasing nahusgahan yan tuloy nilabas na yung tunay na boses”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the video:

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Karla, Melai & Jolina Defend Aegis for Being Tagged as “Baduy”

Magandang Buhay hosts Karla Estrada, Melai Cantiveros-Francisco and Jolina Magdangal defended renowned local band, “Aegis” for being tagged as “baduy.” Earlier, the band which has been in the mainstream for more than 20 years already, disclosed during their guest appearance on the show that many find them unhip. It was just in 2015 when Aegis … Read more

Lyca Gairanod & Aegis “Basang Basa sa Ulan” Grand Finale Video

Lyca Gairanod of Team Sarah performed the song popularized by Aegis titled “Basang Basa Sa Ulan,” during the Sunday’s edition of The Voice Kids Grand Finals Duet Rounds. The youngest finalist of The Voice Kids performed her best performance ever in the competition alongside with the popular OPM group, Aegis. The July 27,2014 episode of … Read more