12-Year-Old Boy Dies After Accidentally Shooting Himself While Playing Dad’s Firearm

12-Year-Old Boy

12-Year-Old Boy Accidentally Shoot Himself While Playing Dad’s Gun A 12-year-old boy has passed away after accidentally shooting himself while playing with the service firearm of his dad. On Thursday (January 26, 2023), the victim brought his father’s gun to school in San Jose Del Monte City, Bulacan. The kid played the 9mm Beretta when … Read more

iPhone’s Siri swears at 12-year-old boy

iPhone Siri

Most people around the world relies on the usefulness and effectiveness of what technology brought to us, but what if a certain gadget can’t give you the exact answer you never thought of and expects? How would you react? Well, parents of a 12-year-old lad Briton Charlie Le Quesne was shocked when the Apple’s voice (–foul … Read more