Exchange Rate – Convert Foreign Currencies to Peso

Exchange Rate List Guide When You Convert Currencies to Philippine Peso

EXCHANGE RATE – Here is a full list of the exchange rates when you convert foreign currencies to Philippine Peso.

Among the people who are widely scattered across the globe are the Filipinos. Some Pinoys are in other countries after they married a foreign national while most Filipinos are out abroad to work in the pursuit to give their families a more comfortable life and a brighter future.

Truth be told that many overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) took the leap of faith to go and work in other countries because of the higher compensation abroad. There are several professions in the Philippines that are paid better abroad.

Undeniably, there are constant calls to raise the salaries of specific professions in the country to encourage Filipinos to stay. Amid the high number of Pinoys working abroad or even those who were there after they settled down with a foreign national partner, the exchange rate between the currencies of different countries play a major role.

The United States, United Kingdom (UK), England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, and Finland are among the countries with several overseas Filipino workers. Several Asian countries also got a lot of OFWs.

Most overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) send a big part of their salaries to their loved ones. The amount that the family in the Philippines will get depends on the exchange rate between the currency of the country where the sender works and the Philippine Peso. Here is a list of the compilations of the exchange rates when you convert the following currencies between two (2) countries:

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