Character Referral Letter

What is a Character Referral Letter and what are the guidelines to write this?

CHARACTER REFERRAL LETTER – Here are some types of Character Referral Letters along with some tips and guidelines when writing one.

To be asked to write a character letter for someone you know is an honor. A character referral or also known as personal reference letter is a letter written for a person who you refer to do some important matters.

Check out some tips and guides when you write one:

  • Start by explaining your relationship with the person and be specific as possible when it comes to explaining this. You can also include how long you have known the person.
  • Indicate positive personal qualities with specific examples about the person you are recommending. A strong reference letter can give someone a great advantage to be picked for a certain position or designation.
  • Provide your contact information so the employer can contact you to ask for more questions.
  • Use a business letter format and always include your handwritten signature and your typed signature underneath. 
  • Edit your letter and proofread to avoid any errors and misspelled words.

Check out a sample below:

[Sender’s Name]
[Sender’s Address]
[Sender’s Contact]


[Recepient’s Name]
[Recipient’s Address]

To whom it may concern:

Janessa Cordova is my employee for eight years and during the years that she has worked under ABC Company, she showed her skills and maximized her capacity to help us meet our goals and targets.

She is efficient, detail-oriented, and extremely competent. She always finishes a task well and ahead of the deadline. Also, she is very organized and has an excellent rapport with her colleagues and bosses. She is very dedicated and always willing to work overtime just to get the job done.

I highly recommend Janessa for your assistant position. I believe her technical, organizational, and interpersonal skills will be an asset to your company. We will miss having her on our team, but our loss can be your gain. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.


(sender’s sign)
(Sender’s Name)


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