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Here are some guidelines you must know in writing a certification letter and the correct format to follow.

CERTIFICATION LETTER – This is how to write a correct certification letter to someone such as the correct format to use, tips, and some guidelines.

Letters are essential in any business or legal matters. It can be delivered in the form of a hard copy or through email depending on the needs of the business. And important in the field of business is the certification letter which is written to convey completion of a task or responsibility.

This letter will also provide accurate and true depictions of the task in question and confirm matters such as employment details, investment or stake in ownership, personal details, business details, and among others. There should be truth and accuracy in making this particular type of a letter.

Check out some guidelines and tips:

  • Information indicated must be complete, accurate, and truthful for verification. Details like dates, names, and numbers must be correct.
  • It shouldn’t have flowery language or exaggerations. Use plain language and be straightforward.
  • Provide employment details such as place of employment, length of employment, salary, job title, and job description.
  • The letter should be written in a formal tone and using the proper letter-writing etiquette.
  • Provide your business name and contact details if you don’t have a formal letterhead.
  • Use the appropriate font and never use any bold colors.
  • Draft your letter and always double-check to avoid errors in terms of spelling and grammar.

See format you can definitely follow:

(Sender’s name)
(Sender’s Job Title)
(Sender’s Company Name)
(Sender’s Address)
(Sender’s Contact Details)


(Recipient’s name)
(Recipient’s Job Title)
(Recipient’s Company Name)
(Recipient’s Address)

SALUTATION (example: To Whom It May Concern: or Dear Mr./Ms./Dr. [Last Name]:)

(single space in between sentences and double space in between paragraphs)
(you can use the block style format)

CLOSING SALUTATION (example Respectfully yours, Yours sincerely, Cordially, Respectfully, and for the less formal letter, you may use All the best, Best, Thank you, Regards)

(Under your closing, leave four single spaces between your typed full name, title, and other contact details you may want to include)

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